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Official Results

2016 General November 8, 2016

Results last updated:1/20/2017 9:27 AM MT

Ballots Cast804,073
Eligible Voters1,289,414


Fully 1492

Election Terminology (FAQ)
  • Follow This Contest/My Tracked Contests
    Follow the results for certain contests by checking the box next to the words "Follow this Contest." Click "My Tracked Contests" to view selected contests.

  • Possible Automatic Recount
    Tracking of all contests within the state that may qualify for a recount in required per Section 1-14-24 NMSA 1978. An automatic recount of the vote is required when the canvass of returns indicates that the margin between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes for an office, the margin between those supporting and those opposing a ballot question or the margin affecting the outcome of a nonpartisan judicial retention election is less than one-half percent (0.005%) of the total votes cast in that election for local questions and one percent (0.01%) of the total votes cast in that election for that office in the case of any other race.

  • Official Results
    Official election results for county offices and single county legislative districts are declared no later than ten days following the election by the county canvassing boards. The board of county commissioners in each county acts as the county canvassing board. Official election results for statewide and multi-county offices are declared on the third Tuesday after the election by the state canvassing board, consisting of the Governor, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Secretary of State. Official results may be delayed in the event of an automatic recount. Precincts Partially Reporting In counties with voting convenience centers (VCC), precincts will show as partially reporting until the last results from the last VCC in a county have been reported. Precinct Results The New Mexico Election Code requires election returns to be reported by individual precinct. Results are not reported by polling location. Polling locations may include multiple precincts. Voting convenience centers include multiple consolidated precincts and may include votes for all precincts in a county.

  • Unofficial Results
    All election results are unofficial until the appropriate canvassing board has completed its duties under Section 1-13-13 or 1-13-15 of the Election Code. (See Official Results)

  • Voting Age Population (VAP)
    The annual estimate from the Census Bureau for the number of people residing in New Mexico, age 18 and older.

  • Voter Turnout
    Voter turnout in a general election is determined by comparing the number of voters signing in to vote with the total number of registered voters in the state. In a primary election, turnout is determined by comparing the number of voters signing in to vote with the total number of registered voters of a major party. Voter turnout, when measured as a percentage of registered voters, will always be higher than when measured against the VAP.

  • Voting Convenience Center
    A voting convenience center (VCC) is a polling location where voters from multiple precincts may vote. Results are not posted by VCC, but are instead reported by precinct.

  • Write-In Candidates
    New Mexico requires write-in candidates to file a declaration of candidacy as a write-in candidate, and to be certified as such by the Secretary of State. Undeclared write-in candidates are not certified and are not permitted, and State law does not permit votes to be counted for undeclared write-in candidates. A write-in ballot space appears in each contest where a declared write-in candidate has been certified, however the names of write-in candidates do not appear on the ballot. On the Election Night Reporting site, the names of declared write-in candidates shall be displayed, followed by the words "write-in".

  • Write-in Votes
    All write-in votes for a declared write-in candidate shall be counted if their intent can reasonably be determined by the majority of members of the precinct board, as provided in the Election Code, Section 1-12-19.1 (F). Voters must actually write the names of the write-in candidates—rubber stamps, preprinted stickers or labels are not permitted. The election night reporting site will show votes counted by the precinct board for write-in candidates.

  • *
    When an asterisk (*) displays instead of the total number of votes, this means that fewer than 5 voters cast a ballot for that race in that precinct per Section 1-12-70 (B) NMSA 1978 and administrative rule (C)(1).